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PSARA License Consultant in Andhra Pradesh

Seeking a PSARA License in Andhra Pradesh? Look no further – we are your trusted Security Agency License consultant, specializing in Andhra Pradesh PSARA License applications. Our seasoned team excels in document preparation for Andhra Pradesh licensing requirements, including Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Affidavit, Training Certificates, and Compliance Reports, ensuring a seamless and compliant licensing process.

Andhra Pradesh PSARA License Process Time – 60 Days (100% Guaranteed Approval)

Interested in PSARA License in Andhra Pradesh?

Understanding of PSARA License in Andhra Pradesh State

In accordance with the regulatory framework governing private security agencies in Andhra Pradesh, it is imperative for prospective agency owners to secure a PSARA License. This license acquisition process can be initiated online or through a three-stage offline procedure and necessitates a physical presence within the state. Our consultancy services are finely tuned to assist individuals seeking a Security Agency License in Andhra Pradesh, providing end-to-end support encompassing document preparation, online and offline application facilitation, coordination with the Andhra Pradesh PSARA Department, oversight of the police clearance process, and steadfast guidance until the successful approval of the PSARA License.

PSARA License in Andhra Pradesh

What are the Documents Required for PSARA License in Andhra Pradesh State?

PSARA License Process in Andhra Pradesh

The licensing process for a Private Security Agency in Andhra Pradesh entails several steps, which typically span approximately two months from the date of application submission. Let’s outline the key stages of the License Approval process for clarity.

Step 1: Document Compilation, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Andhra Pradesh Authorities, Training Certification, Affidavit, and Security Agency Compliance Report.

Step 2: Filing of Application for New/Renewal of license in Andhra Pradesh State.

Step 3: The Andhra Pradesh PSARA Cell, within its License Department, carefully reviews submitted files. Any discrepancies are communicated for correction. If the application and documents meet standards, the file advances for offline verification by the relevant District Superintendent.

Step 4: The Andhra Pradesh District License Department conducts file verification, including physical checks and owner statements, before proceeding with the next steps.

Step 5: The nearby police station in Andhra Pradesh will verify the agency’s office and records, providing their assessment to the District office upon a favorable outcome.

Step 6: The District office will formulate its assessment, taking into account the input from the local police station, and subsequently transmit the file to the Andhra Pradesh License Department.

Step 7: After thorough verification of all No Objection Certificates (NoC), statements, documents, and the opinion of the Police Inspector, the Andhra Pradesh License Department will proceed to issue the PSARA License.

Complete Private Security Agency License Solution in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh Private Security Agency License Details

  • License Can be Applied for 1 District, 5 District or Full Andhra Pradesh.
  • License Approval Timeline – 60 Working Days
  • License Validity – 5 Years
  • For ANDHRA PRADESH PSARA License Quotation Please Connect with us.
  • We are also doing renewal of PSARA License in Andhra Pradesh
  • Government Fees of New & Renewal of PSARA License in Andhra Pradesh

    1. Andhra Pradesh State License Fees: Rs. 25,000/-
    2. Five District in Andhra Pradesh Fees: Rs. 10,000/-
    3. One District in Andhra Pradesh Fees: Rs.5,000/-

Andhra Pradesh License Consultancy Charges

Our charges cover government fees, document preparation, Andhra Pradesh MoU drafting, license approval process, and associated expenses.

Hence, we will manage the entire verification and approval process for your license, with all costs included.

Rs. 2,50,000/- Andhra Pradesh State License.