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PSARA License Consultant in Assam

Need a PSARA License in Assam? Reach out to us, as we are the premier consultant for Security Agency licenses in the region. Our highly skilled team specializes in document preparation for Assam licenses, including drafting MoUs, affidavits, training certificates, compliance reports, and more.

Assam PSARA License Process Time – 90 Days (100% Guaranteed Approval)

Interested in PSARA License in Assam?

Understanding of PSARA License in Assam State

As per the regulations outlined in the Assam Private Security Agencies Rules, any individual intending to establish a private security agency within the state of Assam must mandatorily obtain a PSARA License from the Assam State authorities. The licensing process allows for online application submission with subsequent offline verification conducted in three stages. A fundamental prerequisite for initiating the PSARA License Application in Assam is to have a physical presence or establishment within the state. Our consultancy services offer comprehensive support for obtaining a Security Agency license, encompassing document preparation, online application submission, offline follow-up with the Assam PSARA Department, coordination of the police clearance process, and continuous support until the final PSARA License is approved.

PSARA License Consultant in Assam

What are the Documents Required for PSARA License in Assam State?

PSARA License Process in Assam

The process of obtaining a Private Security Agency license in Assam involves several stages and typically spans approximately two months from the date of application submission. Let’s summarize the key steps in the License Approval process for Assam.

Step 1: The process includes document preparation, crafting MoU specific to Assam, obtaining a training certificate, drafting an affidavit, and compiling a compliance report for the Security Agency.

Step 2: Application Submission for New/Renewal of License in the State of Assam.

Step 3: The Assam PSARA Cell, part of the License Department, carefully reviews application files. If everything is in order, they send the file for in-person verification by the respective Superintendent within the designated Range or District.

Step 4: The Assam District License Department conducts file reviews, including physical checks and owner statements, before forwarding the file to local law enforcement.

Step 5: The nearby police station in Assam conducts office and criminal record verifications. If everything aligns with the submitted documents, they provide their assessment to the district office.

Step 6: The District office will formulate its assessment, taking into account the opinion of the local police station, and subsequently transmit the file to the Assam License Department.

Step 7: Upon thorough verification of all No Objection Certificates (NOCs), statements, documents, and the opinion of the Police Inspector, the Assam License Department will proceed to issue the PSARA License.

Complete Private Security Agency License Solution in Assam

Assam Private Security Agency License Details

  • Select your preferred license jurisdiction: one district, five districts, or the entire state of Assam.
  • License Approval Timeline: 90 Business Days
  • License Validity – 5 Years
  • For ASSAM PSARA License Quotation Please Connect with us.
  • We also assist with the renewal of PSARA Licenses in Assam.
  • Fees for New and Renewal of PSARA License in Assam as per Government Regulations

    1. Assam State License Fees: Rs. 25,000/-
    2. Five District in Assam Fees: Rs. 10,000/-
    3. One District in Assam Fees: Rs.5,000/-

Assam License Consultancy Charges

Our charges encompass government fees, document preparation costs, Assam-specific MoU drafting, license approval process expenses, travel expenses, and all other license-related expenditures.

Thus, We will handle all verification, Process till License Approval – all Cost inclusive

Rs. 2,00,000/- Assam State License.