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PSARA License Consultant in Odisha

Seeking a PSARA License Consultant in the vibrant city of Bhubaneswar, Odisha? Look no further; we are your trusted Security Agency license consultants, specializing in PSARA License applications for Odisha. Our expert team possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in preparing all the necessary documents required for PSARA License application in Odisha. This includes crafting Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs), drafting affidavits, securing training certificates, compliance reports, and more, all tailored to meet Odisha’s specific requirements.

Odisha PSARA License Process Time – 60 Days (100% Guaranteed Approval)

Interested in PSARA License in Odisha?

Understanding of PSARA License in Odisha State

In Odisha, as per the Private Security Agencies Rules, obtaining a PSARA License is mandatory for those looking to start a private security agency. This process involves online application submission and a thorough offline verification conducted in three stages.

A key requirement is to have a registered business location within Odisha. Our specialized team provides comprehensive Security Agency license consultancy services, covering document preparation, online filing, offline verification, and police clearance. We guide you through every step to secure your PSARA License in Odisha.

PSARA License Consultant in Odisha

What are the Documents Required for PSARA License in Odisha State?

PSARA License Process in Odisha

There is lengthy process of Private Security Agency license, it takes almost two month from the date of license application. lets understand the summarized steps of License Approval process in Odisha.

Step 1: Begin with the preparation of essential documents, including the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Odisha State, Training Certificate, Affidavit, and the Compliance Report for your Security Agency.

Step 2: Proceed by filing your application for a new or renewal license within the Odisha State.

Step 3: The PSARA Cell in the Odisha License Department will conduct a thorough review of your application file. If any discrepancies are identified, they will promptly notify you. If your application and documents are in perfect order, they will forward the file for offline verification to the respective Superintendent Range (District).

Step 4: At the district office of the License Department in Odisha, your file will undergo verification. This verification may include physical inspection of your agency’s premises and recording statements from the owner. Once this step is completed, the file will be sent to the local police.

Step 5: The local police station, located near your Security Agency’s office in Odisha, will conduct further verification. This may involve checks on your office, any criminal records, and other relevant details. If everything is found to be in order and your submitted documents align with the requirements, the local police will provide their opinion back to the district office.

Step 6: The district office will consider the opinions from the local police station and compile their own views. The file will then be forwarded to the License Department of Odisha.

Step 7: Upon successful verification of all necessary documents, statements, and the opinion of the Police Inspector, the License Department in Odisha will issue your PSARA License.

Complete Private Security Agency License Solution in Odisha

Odisha Private Security Agency License Details

  • License Can be Applied for 1 District, 5 District or Full Odisha State.
  • License Approval Timeline – 60 Working Days
  • License Validity – 5 Years
  • For Odisha PSARA License Quotation Please Connect with us.
  • We are also doing renewal of PSARA License in Odisha
  • Government Fees of New & Renewal of PSARA License in Odisha

    1. Odisha State License Fees: Rs. 25,000/-
    2. Five District in Odisha Fees: Rs. 10,000/-
    3. One District in Odisha Fees: Rs.5,000/-

Odisha License Consultancy Charges

Our Charges Includes Government Fees, Documents Preparation Charges, Memorandum of Understanding – MoU Odisha, License Approval Process Cost, Travelling and All Expense Related to License.

Thus, We will handle all verification, Process till License Approval – all Cost inclusive

Rs. 1,20,000/- Odisha State License.