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PSARA License Consultant in Tripura

If you’re looking for a PSARA License Consultant in the enchanting state of Tripura, your search ends here. We are your reliable PSARA License consultants, dedicated to assisting you in securing a PSARA License for your Security Agency in Tripura. Our proficient team possesses the expertise to meticulously prepare all the essential documents, including tailored Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs), affidavits, training certificates, compliance reports, and more, customized to meet Tripura’s unique requirements. You can rely on us to navigate you through the complete process of obtaining your PSARA License in Tripura.

Tripura PSARA License Process Time – 60 Days (100% Guaranteed Approval)

Interested in PSARA License in Tripura?

Understanding of PSARA License in Tripura State

Looking for a PSARA License in Himachal Pradesh? You’re in the right place! In accordance with the Tripura Private Security Agencies Rules, obtaining a PSARA License is a mandatory requirement for anyone looking to establish a private security agency within the state. Our dedicated team specializes in providing comprehensive Security Agency license consultancy services tailored to Tripura specific regulatory framework.

PSARA License Consultant in Tripura

What are the Documents Required for PSARA License in Tripura State?

PSARA License Process in Tripura

In the vibrant narrative of Tripura, the journey to obtain a Private Security Agency license is akin to embarking on a captivating odyssey. This process, much like a well-scripted tale, unfolds over approximately two months from the date of the initial license application. Now, let’s unravel the enthralling journey through a summarized prism, akin to a whimsical trip.

Step 1: Prepare Required Documents, Including an MoU for Tripura, Training Certificate, Affidavit, and Security Agency Compliance Report.

Step 2: Submit the Application for a New or Renewed License in Tripura.

Step 3: The PSARA Cell in Tripura License Department will review the application file. If it meets the requirements, they will proceed with offline verification through the respective Superintendent Range (District).

Step 4: The District Office of the License Department in Tripura will conduct a thorough file verification. This includes physical verification and recording statements from the agency’s owner. Once completed, the file will be sent to the local police authorities.

Step 5: The local police station nearest to the Security Agency’s office in Tripura will perform a comprehensive verification, including criminal record checks and other relevant details. After confirming a clean record and document compliance, they will provide their opinion back to the district office.

Step 6: The District Office will consider the input from the police station and add their own views. They will then forward the file back to the License Department in Tripura.

Step 7: Following verification of all necessary documents, statements, and the police inspector’s opinion, the License Department will issue the PSARA License in Tripura.

Complete Private Security Agency License Solution in Tripura

Tripura Private Security Agency License Details

  • In Tripura, you have the flexibility to apply for a PSARA License covering 1 district, 5 districts, or the entire territory.
  • The typical timeline for PSARA License approval in Tripura is around 60 working days.
  • Once approved, your PSARA License in Tripura remains valid for a duration of 5 years.
  • If you need a quotation for a PSARA License in Tripura, please get in touch with us.
  • Additionally, we offer services for the renewal of PSARA Licenses in Tripura.
  • The government fees for both new and renewal PSARA Licenses in Tripura may vary, so kindly contact us for accurate pricing details and assistance with the application process.
    1. Tripura State License Fees: Rs. 25,000/-
    2. Five District in Tripura Fees: Rs. 10,000/-
    3. One District in Tripura Fees: Rs.5,000/-

Tripura License Consultancy Charges

Our fees are all-inclusive, covering Government charges, document preparation fees, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) specific to Tripura, license approval process costs, travel expenses, and all other expenses related to obtaining the license.

As a result, we will manage all verifications and oversee the entire process until license approval.

Rs. 2,00,000/- Tripura State License.